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Aug 18 2012

Whisper Words of Wisdom

WARNING: well more restating what I have said before. This blog is for me, to help me try and work out what is going on in my mind at that time. It is not a complete circle of thought. Nothing profound. Just what is going on in my mind and trying to work out some solutions. I understand I am a corp member and I should probably use this to document my teaching experience, but my thoughts are my experience and make me who I am as a person who is a corp member. So move along if you are looking for an explicit recount of my week.
Two weeks of teaching under my belt. Hmmm, still very surreal but at least my kids and I have not completely imploded. I have 16 four year olds. Little, little people. Everyday they amazing/worry me. Everyday I feel more and more in control…

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Aug 11 2012

Moving Day, yet again

Right now I am sitting in my new roommates aunt’s house staring at the pile of my packed up things. Time to move to the house which will be my ‘home’ for the next two years. I have no bed, dresser, chair, pots, pans, or any other essentials which I have grown accustomed to. But for…

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Jul 29 2012

Oh the Places You’ll Go

So I have tried blogging before today but for some reason I could not form coherent thoughts and right now I am still struggling. Well Institute is over. I look back and wonder what even happened. There are stretches of time I have no recollection. This whole experience is odd. Moving to a completely different place, not knowing…

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Jul 10 2012

A near close to my Institute adventure

So it seems fitting, as I am finishing my umpteenth read of the Hobbit, I am also finishing my Institute experience. For those of you that do not know what Institute is…well it is essentially teacher bootcamp x1,000. I never knew I could ever be this tired or emotionally drained. I am at the point where…

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Jun 25 2012

Ms. Boon in Room 19

So I have been a teacher for one week. One week….let me say this again, I have been a teacher for one week. Yeah, me. The person who cringed at the thought of kids, the person who felt completely awkward at Christmas time trying to bond with her nieces and nephews, the person who whenever told…

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Jun 10 2012

A little bit of everything…

Alright, this Michigander has officially relocated to Oklahoma, and no, I do not know the musical song. Over the past week I have been thrown into this Southern culture, met incredible people with incredible stories and have tried to keep my confidence up. Induction was an amazing experience and I am a firm believer people…

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May 29 2012

4 Full Days Left of Paradise

So as the title indicates, I have four full days left of living at home with the parental units, coming to the Redolencia and trying to stuff my brain full of information. But I have resigned to the fact  I will not be fully prepared for my move and accept this. I have minor expectations…

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May 24 2012

Just Call Me Bilbo Baggins

As I am sitting here trying to figure out how to convey what is going on in my mind into cohesive sentences, my mind jumbles even more. I found out I was accepted into the TFA corp on April 12th and a little over two months later I am still trying to figure out what…

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First off, I am a horrible blogger. For those of you that know me or will have the pleasure of knowing me *wink* I tend to ramble or find myself lost in various tangents I create. But, since a lot has been happening in my life regarding Teach for America/moving/adjusting to the graduated life/every other…

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